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Whether you are the Owner, builder, Developer, Contractor, Sub-Contractor or designer, disputes
sometimes arise regarding the soundness of the design and construction of a structure. Our knowledgeable
Tennessee Construction Defect Attorneys at London Law represent both Plaintiffs and Defendants in these
cases throughout the East Tennessee region.

Even with the best preparation, construction projects often do not go as planned. Issues often arise for
a variety of reasons. This list is not all-inclusive, but some of these may sound familiar to you — materials were
not delivered on time; the wrong materials or fixtures were delivered or used; the work was substandard or
done improperly; the project went over budget; a lack of supervision by the General Contractor, the job is or
has taken far longer to complete then stated in the contract; the work is not as described in the contract; You
have water intrusion in your crawl space or basement; change orders were not used; and the list goes on.

We seek to help our clients avoid disputes, but when claims arise, we focus on achieving the most effective, efficient resolutions. At every stage of the litigation or dispute resolution process, we prosecute or defend our Client’s claims vigorously.

Understanding time is of the essence, you can rely on our extensive experience in both construction building practices and construction law to aggressively protect your interests. We understand the complex relationships that arise between property owners, contractors and subcontractors and we will work to resolve disputes without delay. We represent clients at all phases of dispute resolution, from pre-claim negotiations, to mediation, arbitration through trial and appeals.

Waiting too long to address a construction or property issue can create additional headache and expense. Some property defects will worsen the longer you allow them to sit and contract disputes rarely resolve themselves on their own. The sooner we assist you, the faster you can resolve the dispute and move on with your life.


Our construction and Real Property litigation team have a thorough understanding of both the technical issues involved in these cases as well as the applicable laws. We can help the parties come to an equitable arrangement if that is the desire or take the case to court when necessary to reach an expectable outcome.

Construction and Real Estate deals are expensive endeavors, so any problems that can create a delay must be resolved quickly. If issues arise after construction is complete, the property owner is also likely to want a swift resolution.

The truth is that the construction and property industry involve a series of complex relationships in a competitive atmosphere. This combination can create conflicts when there are large sums of money involved, which is why it is essential that you have a law firm with knowledge and experience in the industry to guide you from start to finish.


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